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        Anna Ranch Wedding // Big Island Photographer // Hawaii Wedding Photographer

        This fun wedding was a joy to be a part of from the moment we met Hannah and Joshua we knew that it would be a special one. Congrats again you guys and here is a bit of their story written by Hannah (The Bride).

        “Our relationship can be summed up with a few words…visas, planes, more visas, more planes, and a whole lot of love! Joshua and I met almost exactly 6 years ago, when I studied abroad in Adelaide, Australia (it was a toss up between that and Spain…kind of glad I chose Oz).

        One of my roommates was Joshua’s best friend (Pete) and so we met within the first week of me moving in. We started dating, and had our first date over pizza and our first kiss at Brighton beach. After a few months, Joshua decided that he was going to study abroad at Butler University, where I attended college in the States, and give this relationship a go! So, we did long distance for about 6 months, and then Joshua was Stateside for a year. We studied at Butler together, travelled around the US, and in the summer we worked on a ranch in Colorado. What an adventure that was!

        When Joshua returned to Australia, we did long-distance for another 9 months while I worked at a children’s museum and saved up money. I moved back to Oz and lived and worked for a year while Joshua finished his course. When we moved back to the states (I told you..planes and visas), Joshua got a job as a pre-k teacher while I worked at a nonprofit in Nashville. He actually proposed to me by making a video of his kids answering questions about love, relationships, and what they thought if Mr. Joshua got married (one little boy answered…he would laugh!).

        We got engaged on December 9, 2012 and felt so much love and support from both sides of the world. Then we decided that in order to be fair (or unfair) to our family and friends…we would have to plan a wedding that was somewhat in between our two homelands…so miraculously we planned a wedding in Hawaii! Well, we planned one with the enormous help of Rachael at Vintage & Lace Weddings. We sent the invitiations, and had lots of friends and family that travelled all the way to help us celebrate.

        Anna Ranch was the perfect setting (especially with our ranch experience…) and Color Catering, Bleu Cupcakery, Fletch Photography and our other vendors were simply amazing. We couldn’t have pulled it off without everyone’s help and we will remember our beautiful wedding day for the rest of our lives. PS-Right after the wedding we moved to Australia…so still going with the planes and the visas…and the whole lot of love! -Hannah of H&J”


        Venue: Anna Ranch / Flowers: Passion Flowers by Nalani / Catering: Color Catering / Cake: Bleu Cupcakery / Wedding Photography: Fletch Photography / Wedding Planner: Rachael at Vintage & Lace Weddings 

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